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Counseling for families and Children provided for free. (830) 896-5404

Safety and Support for Children

Improve your family dynamic with parenting classes and family counseling. For youth in distress that affects their ability or willingness to attend school, we offer truancy prevention and dropout counseling sessions.

Children Holding Hands

"The paths our children walk in life are determined by the hands that offer them guidance."
– Brad Golden

Free Counseling and Family Services

It is our goal to help families develop the skills they need to remain together in a safe and loving environment for all involved. Our family and youth counseling services are provided free of charge to eligible families and aim to prevent runaways, truancy, abuse, and neglect. We maintain a crisis hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for children and parents.

If you have school-aged children in need of breakfast and/or lunch this Summer, simply text the word "FOOD" to 877877, you will receive a message back with the location closest to you where they can get free summer meals! Please pass this information on...even if you aren't in need, someone else might be. No child deserves to go hungry, ever!

Free Parenting Classes

In the event that a court of law requires you to attend parenting classes, we offer a class once a week for six weeks. At the successful conclusion of the class, you receive a certificate of completion to turn in to meet Child Protective Services, court, or probation requirements. Contact us to register for classes.

For Counseling Services, please call (830) 896-5404.

Daniel Earhart

Daniel Eaheart

Serving: Gillespie & Mason Counties
(830) 739-4417


Marie Masters

Marie Masters

Serving: Burnet County

(830) 739-4414

Heather Ontiveroz

Heather Ontiveroz

Serving: Kendall County

(830) 459-7100

Haley Leifeste

Haley Leifeste
B.S. in Psychology

Serving: Kerr County
(830) 896-5404
(830) 739-4418

Leticia Martinez

Leticia Martinez

Serving: Uvalde, Real Counties
(830) 739-4415

Delia Arnold

Delia Arnold

Serving: Blanco and Llano Counties
(830) 739-2245

Tammy Kothe-Ramsey

Tammy Kothe-Ramsey 

Serving: Medina County
(830) 329-3919